Volunteers make Pancake Breakfast a success!

thank-you-imageThis year we served 630 breakfasts at the Pancake Breakfast. We couldn’t have done it without these amazing volunteers:

Alyssa Carlson, Amy Kelly, Andrew Heath, Andrew Phillips, Annalise Nye, Anjali, Becky Logan, Bhairavi Shah, Bill Franklin, Celeste Dang, Christine Chmielniak, Dimitri Ponomarchuk, Donna Hoffman, Ed Davies, Emma Williams, Erin Kirkpatrick, Grace Kim, Helen, Hoyt Bonar, Jacqueline Estephan, Jeanine O’Connell, Julie Fetviet, Jolie Lucero, Karen Hogan, Karly Schneider, Kelsey, Kevin Kelly, Kristi Thorpe, Kristie Timss, Leah Pineda, Lisa Cornell Maier, Marianne Stephens, Mark Owen, Megan Lantry, Michael Wellman, Mike Anderson, Morgan, Nicolle Rutherford, Owen Kerins, Paige Phillips, Peggy Nicolas, Sandi Severtsen, Sarah Gunderson, Scott Shiebler, Shawn Matthews, Shelley Badger-Slama, Shelly Griner, Susan Olivet, Teresa Holmes, Whitney Burgett, and Eric James.


And with much gratitude to the committee leaders who organized the event:
Pete Schneider, Chair
André Lucero/Kira James, Volunteer Coordinators
Kerri Schneider, Procurement
Melissa Upson, Decorations/Communications 


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