Thank you, Art Walk Volunteers!

thank-you-imageThank you to everyone that attended and contributed to the HT PTA Spring Art Walk and Fundraiser! Big events like the Art Walk take many volunteers and many hours of planning!  We’d like to highlight those that took part in making this event a success.

To our classroom project coordinators for their time, energy and creativity!  The projects were beautiful!
Rhonda Bachler
Leslie Boyd
Christel Cangas
Crystal Cissell-Anderson
Heather Cunningham
Bill Franklin
Jen Gay
Zoe Hoffman
Dana Hulslander
Sarah Owen
Cory Peterson
Nicole Pickett
Kathryn Reed
Mike and Dianne Smith
Heather Song
Kristie Timss
Tila Woods
Lydia Zwiebel

To the Art Walk Committee for EVERYTHING!  From planning to marketing to the execution – you made it happen!
Megan  Allen
Karlee Birt
Leslie Boyd
Lazaro Cangas
Becky Logan
Melanie Martin
Peggy Nicolas
Jill Sismaet
Melissa Upson

To our procurement team for connecting with local businesses to secure donations!
Jennifer Aker
Karlee Birt
Erin Norgaard

To our wonderful Student Council, Jeanine O’Connell and Crystal Cissell-Anderson for planning and assisting students with crafts the night of the event!   We loved the troll bookmarks and jellyfish!

To the wonderful Chef Dimitri Ponomarchuk for donating and preparing a delicious menu of eats for the event!  And a big thank you to his kitchen assistants, Katie and Mira Ponomarchuk!

To all the volunteers that hung art work, served food, sold tickets, decorated, swept floors, collected money and made it run smoothly.  You gave it your all – thank you!
Hoyt Bonar
Mary Bonar
Lisa Cornell
Heather Cunningham
Athena  Dickerson
Donah Fortes
Kelsey Graves
Shelly Griner
Rebekah Hamon
Carrie Mandich
Jessica   McClure
Sam Mortimer
Susan Oliveto
Nicolle  Rutherford
Bhairavi Shah
Liz Sheffield
Scott Shiebler
Lauren Sismaet
Bernd Slama
Tara Terhark
Kristie Timss
Kelly Wishkoski
Helen Zhang

And a very big THANK YOU to our school staff.  We appreciate your support!
Principal Estephan
Becky Brown
Ianna Lee
Todd Ostrander
Sandi Severtsen
Carianne Strain
Alicia Wilson
Grace Yuen
Highland Terrace Teachers and Staff