Vote before MIDNIGHT, Monday, 10/9

We need to hear from YOU, our  PTA Members on each of these issues so our delegates can represent our PTA voice. The links you need:

The WSPTA current short-term platform includes the following issues and your voice will help decide which issues to add. These positions help us advocate at both the state and district levels. So please take the survey ASAP.

    • 1. Social Emotional Learning,
    • 2. Amply Fund Basic Education, 
    • 3. Closing the Opportunity Gap,
    • 4. Standards for Para-Educators 
    • 5. Breakfast After the Bell
  • Also Supported Issues (Alphabetical order):Improving Educational Outcomes for Foster Children, Engaging Families in Student Success, Post-Secondary/Higher Education Access and Affordability, Removing Barriers to Implementing ECEAP (Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program) and Restorative Justice and School Safety (school discipline )

Next year,  and all even years, a new Short-term platform will be determined.  If there’s an issue important to you or our  PTA, please contact Suzanne Gugger ( of the Shoreline Council PTA Legislative chair. New platform submissions due May 1, 2018.

Thank you for being a member of Highland Terrace PTA and for making your voice heard.

Leslie Boyd and Nicole Pickett
Highland Terrace PTA Co-Presidents

PS. Shoreline Council PTA is sponsoring a  School Board Candidates Forum,  on Thursday, Oct. 12 from  7-9pm  at the Shoreline Center Conference Center. With so many issues facing our schools, this is an important event to attend.

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Make sure your calendar is free for the March 23 meeting. This year’s district panel discussion will be different from past presentations. We’ll work to demystify what to expect as the kiddos transition to the upper grades.

Don’t laugh, those of you in the early childhood years. It happens in the blink of an eye!

Scott Irwin, secondary services director, is assembling panelists and a program to cover:

  • Program options in middle and high school, including what to expect in transition from elementary school
  • Understanding how graduation requirements are accommodated based on the child’s situation
  • Assessments and types of diplomas
  • Transition services/the 18-21 program

You can send us questions for the district team in advance to or fill out question cards during the session. We also need members present to vote on nominations for the 2017-18 board.

Come for networking and community building time at 6:30 p.m., with the meeting beginning at 7. Location is the Ballinger Room at the Shoreline Center, 18560 1st Ave. NE, 98155.

And new this month: we’ll adjourn to Jersey’s Great Foods at 1306 N. 175th St. for after-meeting social time!


Show Your Love for Shoreline Schools

 Ballots for the Shoreline Schools Bond are due, February 14! All registered voters residing within the Shoreline School District are eligible to vote on this bond that proposes to: construct an Early Learning Center at the Shoreline Children’s Center site to co-locate the tuition-based preschool, Head Start and Early Childhood Education; rebuild Parkwood Elementary School; and, rebuild both Einstein and Kellogg Middle Schools. The Shoreline School Board unanimously approved the $250 million bond proposal to address increasing challenges in student enrollment and decreasing facility conditions.The Highland Terrace PTA Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution in support of the bond. More information here:


2017 Shoreline Schools Bond Resolution

The Shoreline Public Schools Board of Directors unanimously approved a resolution placing a bond proposition on the February 14, 2017 special election ballot to consider a $250 million school construction bond that will allow the school district to:

  • Alleviate elementary overcrowding and reduce class sizes;
  • Provide learning environments to support student achievement;
  • Expand and enhance early learning opportunities
  • Design new buildings to enhance school safety and security, and
  • Capture an estimated 10 percent state match.
  • Projects to be completed if the bond passes include:
  • Constructing an Early Learning Center at the Shoreline Children’s Center site to house tuition-based preschool, Head Start and Early Childhood Education
  • Rebuilding Einstein Middle School
  • Rebuilding Kellogg Middle School
  • Rebuilding Parkwood Elementary School

The Board made its decision based on a study completed by the Facilities Planning Committee (FPC), consisting of parents, staff and community members, over the past year. The committee thoroughly reviewed each facility’s building condition report, which ranks the facility’s structure, systems and safety components, as well as demographic studies projecting future enrollment growth. The FPC also heard reports and recommendations from the Instructional Program Planning Committee (IPPC), which reviewed the district’s current instructional programs and configurations.

Superintendent Rebecca Miner will be sharing information about the bond proposal on:

  • Nov. 15, 2016 at 7 p.m. at Shoreline Center Board Room (18560 1st Ave. NE) *Spanish, Amharic, Korean, Tigrinya and Vietnamese interpreters will be available at the Nov. 15 meeting
  • Nov. 29, 2016 at 7 p.m. at Richmond Beach Library (19601 21st Ave. NW)
  • Dec. 1, 2016 at 7 p.m. at Lake Forest Park Library (17171 Bothell Way NE)

Other presentations are currently being scheduled for community groups and organizations. For more information, please visit our Bond Information webpage at: or on the Vote Yes for Shoreline Schools Facebook page:


2017-2018 WA State PTA Legislative Assembly Update

In October 2016, at WA State PTA Legislative Assembly, the body voted on our platform which consists of 10 priority issues and 3 resolutions. The top 5 issues were ranked to help the State PTA focus energy and resources on these issues that the voting delegation considers a priority.

In the 2017-18 Legislative Biennium, the Washington State PTA will set these 5 issues as their top 5 priorities:

  1. Create positive school climates through social emotional learning: The Washington State PTA shall initiate and/or support legislation/policies which engage in deliberate efforts to create positive school climates, including those that pertain to Social Emotional Learning within the K-12 education system through development of standards and benchmarks, technical assistance, and guidance with research supported curriculum and instruction techniques.
  2. Amply Fund Education – McCleary decision: The Washington State PTA shall initiate and / or support legislation/policies that fulfill the promise of amply funding basic education as defined by the legislature in HB 2261 and 2776.
  3. Closing Opportunity Gaps: The Washington State PTA shall support legislation that ensures that public education is available to ALL children in Washington State regardless of zip code, family status, race, and culture or income level. It is not acceptable for there to be a consistent 20%-30% point gap in student achievement between students of color and White and many Asian students.
  4. Standards for Para-Educators: The Washington State PTA shall initiate or support legislation or policies that set statewide standards, training, and career development for para-educators, including training for teachers who have paraeducators assisting in their classrooms, and their principals. Policies shall include minimum employment standards, certification and endorsements.
  5. Breakfast After the Bell: The Washington State PTA shall support legislation instituting a “Breakfast After the Bell” program in high needs schools and initiate policies at the district level that encourage early adoption of “Breakfast After the Bell” programs.

“Also Supported” issues remaining on the platform were supported in this order:

  • Post-Secondary Higher Education
  • Improving Educational Outcomes for Foster Children
  • Engaging Families in Student Success
  • Restorative Justice and School Safety
  • Removing Barriers to Implementing ECEAP

HTPTA Update and October Board Meeting

Membership update: We have 224 new PTA memberships since school began! Thanks for your support. Join here:

October PTA Board Meeting is 10/18/2016 at Highland Terrace at 6:30 pm, after  Superintendent Miner’s program at 6 pm to discuss new buildings, preschool programs, highly capable program, and 6th grade to middle school.

Instructional Program Planning Committee (IPPC) and the Facility Planning Committee findings:


Join the PTA

htpta_htpta-orcaThe mission of Highland Terrace PTA is to promote and enrich the social and educational development of our students in partnership with parents, staff and the community.

Membership Goals 2016-17
• 100% membership (total # members = total # students)
• 100% teacher membership

Your Membership in the HT PTA:
• Sign of support for the students and staff.
• Our legislative voice! Each Membership equals one vote.

• $12 for a single membership; each additional member is $10 each – Add grandparents, teachers, friends, other family members!

Membership includes:
• A HT PTA Student Directory*
• PTA Membership Card (sent by email*)
• Access to resources, programs and benefits through the PTA such as Silverwood, Great Wolf Lodge, Xfinity and KeyArena/McCaw events, FedEx, Barnes and Noble, Lifelock, and Staples.

Joining the HT PTA does not obligate you to attend meetings or volunteer.
Click here to download Membership Form.

2016-2017 Highland Terrace PTA Student Phone and E-mail Directory
Each year Highland Terrace PTA publishes a student directory with students’ names, phone numbers, and parents’ e-mail as well as other important school dates and information. Everyone who joins PTA will receive a directory. It is a great resource to have throughout the year for play dates, carpools, forgotten homework assignments, etc.
Click here to download Directory Form.



Proposed Goals and Objectives for 2016-2017

These Goals and Objectives will be voted on at the general membership meeting on 9/20/2016:

Here is the PDF or read below. If you haven’t already filled out your membership form, you can download one here.

Highland Terrace PTA 6.12.25 

Goals and Objectives for 2016-2017

 The mission of the Highland Terrace PTA is to promote and enrich the social and educational development of our students in partnership with parents, staff and the community.

Goal 1 
Student Enrichment:  Support academic, cultural, art, social, and health and fitness activities at Highland Terrace.

  1. Provide grants for library materials and library events such as visiting authors.
  2. Sponsor and/or financially support enrichment programs for students such as foreign language classes, chess club, art, writing, science programs, garden boxes, and other programs that are deemed appropriate.
  3. Provide scholarship grants as necessary to support student participation in school programs.
  4. Provide grants to assist teachers with purchasing classroom supplies and for assemblies.
  5. Consider other grant requests that support student enrichment.
  6. Sponsor extra-curricular, family events such as the Fall Fun Event, Heritage Festival, and skating events.
  7. Participate in Washington PTA sponsored programs such as Reflections.

Goal 2
  Community and Family:  Keep Highland Terrace and the community connected, and promote healthy families to the benefit of children.

  1. Support community building activities such as the Pancake Breakfast & Book Fair.
  2. Support the Shoreline PTA Council’s Family and Community Services Program such as The Works, Holiday Baskets and Food Drive.
  3. Maintain landscaping to enhance Highland Terrace’s surroundings to the benefit of all.
  4. Support community affiliates, such as donations to the local museum and Shoreline Foundation.
  5. Support the area in the library dedicated to parenting materials.

Goal 3 
Speak on Behalf of Children:  To promote the welfare of children and youth in schools, in the community and before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children.

  1. Participate in the Shoreline PTA Council and Washington State PTA meetings, events, and legislative activities.
  2. Stay informed and involved regarding news and activities within Region 6 of the Washington State PTA.

Goal 4 
General:  To promote continuity and strength in the Highland Terrace PTA.

  1. Ensure the continuity of the PTA at Highland Terrace and follow guidelines provided at local, state and national PTA levels.
  2. Effectively communicate at all levels within the Highland Terrace Community.
  3. Coordinate educational goals with Shoreline School District goals by supporting focus areas.
  4. Encourage and support volunteerism across the Highland Terrace population.
  5. Encourage and support PTA training for all Board members.

Proposed Standing Rules 2016-2017

These Standing Rules will be voted on at the general membership meeting on 9/20/2016:

Here is the PDF or read below. If you haven’t already filled out your membership form, you can download one here.

Highland Terrace PTA 6.12.25

Standing Rules 2016-2017
The name of this PTA local unit is Highland Terrace PTA 6.12.25, hereafter the Highland Terrace PTA or HT PTA. It was chartered on December 3, 1958. Its National PTA local unit number is 023287.

This PTA serves the children in the Highland Terrace Elementary School community which includes the residences and businesses in the Highland Terrace Elementary School enrollment area.

The Highland Terrace PTA shall be governed by and conform to the Bylaws for Local Units of the Washington Congress of Parents and Teachers, hereafter the Washington State PTA or WSPTA.

Corporate Status
This PTA was incorporated on April 14, 1980. Amendments were filed on September 9, 1980, April 21, 1993, and September 13, 1993, all relating to name changes. HT PTA was assigned corporation number 2-298601-2 and UBI number 601-791-999. The Treasurer is responsible for filing the Annual Corporation Report, no later than April 30. The registered agent for this corporation is the Washington State PTA. The Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is held by the Treasurer.

Charitable Solicitations
This PTA is registered under the Charitable Solicitations Act, registration number 2081. The Treasurer is responsible for filing the annual registration renewal by May 31 to avoid penalties.

Tax Exempt Status
This PTA was granted tax-exempt status under Section c3 of the Internal Revenue Code on April 14, 1980 as part of the WSPTA group exemption. A copy of the Letter of Determination is available from the Treasurer.

Tax Returns
The Treasurer is responsible for filing the appropriate Federal tax return 990, 990EZ or Form 990-N prior to November 15. Copies of the current and past year’s returns are located in the Legal Documents Binder maintained by the Treasurer.

Registered Agent
The Highland Terrace PTA has designated the Washington State PTA as its registered agent with the Washington Secretary of State’s Office, the Washington Department of Revenue, and the United States Internal Revenue Service. Copies of the signed documents making such designation are available in the Legal Documents Binder maintained by the Treasurer.

Standards of Affiliation
This is a WSPTA requirement. Two elected officers are responsible for signing and submitting the Standards of Affiliation (SOA) contract by the annual deadline. The SOA is in place to ensure our PTA aligns with the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws and complies with applicable federal and state laws.

Membership at this PTA shall be open to all people without discrimination. Membership is open to all parents, teachers, staff, grandparents, guardians, students, community members and any other persons that support and encourage the purpose of this PTA.

The membership service fees for this PTA, which include local, council, state and national fees, shall be $12.00 per person or $22.00 for two (2) people. All paid members have a voice and vote at Highland Terrace PTA general membership meetings.

Elected Officers
The elected officers of this PTA shall be President, Vice President of Student Affairs, Secretary and Treasurer. Any elected position may be held jointly by two (2) people, with the exception of Treasurer. Each position shall be entitled to one (1) vote per position at a Board of Directors’ meeting. Each officer of this PTA shall be a member of Highland Terrace PTA.

Our PTA will comply with the training requirements necessary to remain in good standing, as specified in the most current WSPTA Uniform Bylaws.

Voting for officers or nominating committee positions should take place at a general membership meeting. Voting will be done in person. Absentee, mail or electronic ballots are prohibited with the exceptions of the election of officers and nominating committee positions. If voting takes place by mail or electronic transmission, the name of each candidate is to be contained in the notice of the meeting and any vote cast must be received within the time frame identified in the notice of the meeting.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of HT PTA shall consist of the elected officers and the Directors of the following committees: Public Affairs, Ways & Means, Enrichment Programs, Arts Enrichment, and Legislative, and the Standing Committee Chairs (membership, room parents, website/communications, volunteer coordinator, and family services).

This PTA’s Board of Directors will typically meet monthly on a date and time to be determined by the President and Principal, with approval by the Board. Quorum shall be a majority of the Board. Each position shall be entitled to one (1) vote per position at a Board of Directors’ meeting. Any member of the Board who is absent for three consecutive meetings without excuse shall have his/her position declared vacant.

General Membership Meetings
This PTA shall hold at least three general membership meetings a year, to adopt the budget and approve the Standing Rules and Goals & Objectives, elect the Nominating Committee, and elect officers. Officer elections for the following year must be held by April 30. A quorum at a general membership meeting shall be no less than ten (10) members of the general membership.

Budget Approval
This PTA shall approve its annual operating budget in the spring of each year. Once the budget is approved it can be amended by a majority vote of those present at a meeting of the membership. The Board of Directors has authority to reallocate funds budgeted for one purpose to another purpose, by a majority vote, up to $1,500.

Legal Documents
The President is responsible for maintaining the Legal Documents Binder and its backups. This binder contains originals of the Charitable Solicitations document and other required documents. Three Legal Documents Binders shall be kept; the duplicates shall be held by the Treasurer and Secretary. Originals of the Incorporation papers shall be kept in the PTA safe. Duplicates will be kept in the legal binders held by President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Note: there is a recommendation that incorporation papers be kept in a safe deposit box rather than the Legal Docs binder.  

Financial Reviews
The PTA may conduct a financial review of its books and records in January of each year in addition to the required financial review at the close of the fiscal year. A financial review committee, minimum of three (3) members appointed by the President, will perform this review. The committee may not include the Treasurer or any person authorized to sign on the PTA bank accounts for the period that is being reviewed or any individuals living in their households.

Bank Accounts
The PTA shall maintain a bank account in a financial institution as determined by the Board of Directors. Any such account shall require the signatures of at least 2 (two) elected officers to make a withdrawal.

The Board of Directors shall determine which officers shall have signing authority on the PTA bank account. The signatures of the Treasurer and approved elected officers, as reflected in the Spring General Membership meeting minutes, are required on the signature cards (checking and savings accounts) for HT PTA’s authorized bank accounts at all times. Signers on the accounts will have access to online banking, for the main purpose of viewing bank activity and monthly statements.

To maintain an active savings account, Treasurer will transfer $50 from checking account to savings account in September and reverse this (transfer $50 from savings to checking) in May or June.

The PTA’s monthly bank account statements shall be provided unopened to a person appointed by the Board of Directors. Such person will be appointed by the Board, for the beginning of the fiscal year, at the Spring general membership meeting and shall not be a signer on the account; this shall be reflected in the minutes. The reviewer shall promptly report any concerns or discrepancies identified in the review to the Executive Committee. If there are no concerns or apparent discrepancies, the reviewer shall initial and date the account statements and provide them to the Treasurer.

All reimbursement requests for authorized expenses must include a receipt and be submitted to the Treasurer within 60 days of purchase. All requests for reimbursement must be received by close of business on the last day of school or they will be considered a donation to HT PTA.

Should the PTA receive an NSF check, a service fee in the amount of $10.00 will be charged in addition to any fees imposed by the PTA’s bank. If the NSF check or checks are not paid for in 30 days, or if more than two (2) NSF checks are received from the same individual during the fiscal year, the PTA will not accept further checks from the individual responsible.

HT PTA shall maintain a lockbox and safe in the PTA room at Highland Terrace. The Treasurer shall change the safe combination as deemed necessary and at least once a year at the beginning of the school year.

The Treasurer shall be the primary administrator of the HT PTA PayPal account. The Treasurer will share password and access information with the President. The Treasurer and President shall have PayPal password and access to the HT PTA PayPal account.

Gambling Activities
Students of Highland Terrace Elementary shall be considered honorary members of HT PTA without voice, vote, or the privilege of holding office in order to participate in gambling activities, such as raffles.

Recognition of Individual Volunteers with Washington State PTA Awards
One or more Golden Acorn Awards, Outstanding Advocate Awards, and Outstanding Educator Awards may be presented annually to an outstanding volunteer(s). A committee appointed by the President shall select the recipient(s). The Committee shall determine the number of recipients within budget.

Voting Delegates to Council
This PTA is a member of the Shoreline PTA Council and has one vote on Council business. The President shall be the voting delegate, but shall also submit to the Council the names and positions of the two alternate delegates, as determined by the Board of Directors.

Vote for Region Director
The vote of this PTA for the position of Washington State PTA Region Director shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

Voting Delegates to State PTA Convention
The Highland Terrace PTA may send as many voting delegates and as many visiting delegates to the WSPTA convention as the budgeted amount for convention can support. All delegates for the WSPTA convention shall be approved by the Board of Directors. Pre-approved expenses shall be paid for by Highland Terrace PTA. Person(s) attending convention paid for by the unit will disseminate information obtained at Convention classes as a report back to the Board of Directors. Voting delegates shall be allowed to vote their conscience.

Voting Delegates to State PTA Legislative Assembly
The Highland Terrace PTA may send as many voting delegates and as many visiting delegates to the WSPTA Legislative Assembly that the budgeted amount will sustain. Pre-approved expenses shall be paid for by Highland Terrace PTA. The Legislative Director, or a delegate PTA member designated by the board, will be one of the voting delegates representing HT PTA at the Legislative Assembly. Voting delegates shall be allowed to vote their conscience.